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Communication Strategy

Every communication is part of a network of interactions. We help you align them for greater value.

Branding & Messaging

We make your story stand out with a clear, compelling, and coordinated multimedia campaign.

Experience Design

From videos to websites to games, the products of our design process result from understanding your audience.


Researchers at UCSF are paving the way in the new field of genome surgery, using CRISPR gene editing to treat disease. We produced this short documentary featuring Jim Johnsen, a clinical study participant with a condition called Best disease that causes blindness, along with Jennifer Doudna and Bruce Conklin, two of the leading figures in CRISPR research, to convey the promise of this new approach.


The Innovative Genomics Insitite at UC Berkeley aims to chart the future of CRISPR gene editing by fostering conversation among scientists, students, and the public. We collaborated with IGI to create Phage Invaders, the first educational game that teaches critical concepts in the science of CRISPR for students and gamers of all ages. The retro-style game premiered at Lawrence Hall of Science with a joystick controller, and is now available to play online using mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen.

The development team at Genentech sought a compelling way to tell the story of the amazing effort behind a new antibody created to treat Hemophilia A. But the story spanned over 30 years and involved the complex biology of the clotting cascade. After interviewing the scientists involved in the discovery and development of the new medicine, we brought it to life through vivid animation and original metaphors.


Eterna is a citizen science game that teaches players to design RNA molecules by solving puzzles. We worked with the team at Stanford School of Medicine to launch OpenTB, a campaign to develop a new diagnostic device for tuberculosis. Using RNA to detect active tuberculosis in blood samples could provide a fast, accurate, and open source method to help diagnose and treat TB patients all over the world. By analyzing, redesigning, and play-testing the game experience, we helped grow the player community to address this unique biomedical challenge.


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